Do you ever wish that our community understood the real value of local, independent businesses? What if you were connected to a network of local businesses that worked with you to strengthen your successes? Imagine an organization that not only focused on local business rights, but also effectively promoted a "local first" ethic amongst the community. Dream no longer, for it has begun!

The Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment is here to empower the Ourlando community to co-create a vibrant and sustainable local living economy through authentic creative culture, social equity and environmental harmony. We know that it is you that keeps Orlando unique, prosperous and diverse. Many people are unaware of the struggles that local businesses are experiencing and this continued detachment will lead to a boring and economically challenged city of mega-marts and urban sprawl.

We must reclaim Ourlando and create a thoughtful and exciting "Think Local first" campaign that unites all of our amazing, indie businesses, artists and musicians through local events, a local, indie business guide, group advertising, local media exposure and much more. This model has been proven in 100's of great cities like Portland, Austin, and Boston to name a few.

Join us in the effort to preserve and grow our truly local, independent community!

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All members receive community member benefits from participating Ourlando businesses. More info...

Community Supporters

Individuals & families can show their pride of place and help co-create a more vibrant city by joining the Ourlando movement and receiving discounts at particpating businesses.

Individual Member


(Includes 1 individual membership)

Family Member


(Includes 2 individual memberships; children under 12 are free)


Unite with others in your community that share your values & attract loyal customers that are dedicated to supporting independent efforts.

Bands/Art Collectives/Other Groups


(Includes 2 individual memberships)

Business/Organization with annual sales under $250,000


(Includes 2 individual memberships)

Business/Organization with annual sales $250,000 to $500,000


(Includes 2 individual memberships)

Business/Organization with annual sales $500,000 to $1,000,000


(Includes 4 individual memberships)

Business/Organization with annual sales over $1,000,000


(Includes 6 individual memberships)

Sustaining Member


(Includes 10 individual memberships)

Keep Money in the Neighborhood: Encourage the growth of your local businesses, and discourage growth of national chains and corporations in our community.
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