Virgin Olive Market Recycling Wine Corks

The Virgin Olive Market in the 801 N. Orange building downtown has partnered with the national company Recork to recycle used wine corks into sandals, shoes, and shoe inserts.  The recycling effort keeps material out of our local landfill, extending its operating life.  In addition to the wine corks generated by the restaurant, Virgin Olive patrons are invited to bring in their wine corks for recycle as well.  The wine cork recycling was part of the Virgin Olive Market’s participation in the Orange County Pollution Prevention (P2) Program.  The P2 Program helps businesses and other institution identify ways to save money on energy, water, and waste.

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3 responses to “Virgin Olive Market Recycling Wine Corks

  1. I already loved Virgin Olive Market – this makes them that much better. Do you know if they will be doing this at both locations?

  2. Scott

    I think they only have it at the N. Orange location for now. You can learn more at

  3. Have you read about John Pollack? He built a boat out of cork and put it to use. My dad is a big wine cork collector. Maybe I can convince him to part with them :)

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