About Ourlando


Our Mission

Empower the Ourlando community to co-create a vibrant and sustainable local living economy through authentic creative  culture, social equity and environmental harmony.


Local First Introduction

“OurLando, Locally Made” is a term developed by the members of the Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment (PLACE) to refer to our commitment to our community. Rather than simply promoting “buying” local, we are suggesting our larger role as stewards. By thinking local, we can make choices that have dramatic impact on our local communities, economies & environments, additionally, we recognize that we will rarely be able to buy everything that we need or use from local, independent businesses. From coffee to clothes to computers, many of the products we use daily are not made locally or may not be offered at a high level of quality. We are advocating for people to first think local in order to maximize the impact of our daily actions and purchasing decisions.

The OurLando movement encompasses far more than just our local businesses; it promotes and unites our diverse art, music, recreation, and health & wellness communities and, most importantly, engages our citizens with pride of place.

A local first campaign educates consumers about the economic, cultural and social advantages that thinking local & independent bring to a community. One important goal is to create a thriving local economy by maximizing the potential of local businesses, and transferring market share (business, government & consumer purchases) from non-locally owned businesses to local, independently owned businesses.

One of the greatest things an individual can do to support his or her local community is to patronize it’s locally owned businesses. Compared to their national competitors, local independent businesses recycle more money back into the local economy and give greater support to our community’s non-profit and civic needs. They are better positioned to respond to the special needs of the community, and they are more tied to the community’s future. Additionally, rather than a homogenized Orlando, independents ensure the unique character of the community as a great place to live as well as visit.

The OurLando movement is about the spirit of community and the enrichment this brings to it’s citizens through the support of a vibrant local economy, it’s diverse culture & our pride of place.

This movement harnesses local talents & partners with established organizations synergizing & fostering communication by linking existing creative & organizational assets together co-creating a positive, visible & accessible environment in which we can all live, work & play together

5 responses to “About Ourlando

  1. jennifer marvel

    I love the idea. Are you developing a list of locally owned businesses that people can reference?

  2. Yes, we are! That’s just one of the many steps that we will be taking to invigorate this blossoming city of ours!

  3. the vision continues.. how incredible this beggining is. All great local feelings are coming at you with WORLD WIDE IMPACT! .. it is all meant to be.

  4. Jeremiah Arn

    Beautiful vision and beautiful website. Keep up the good work, Julie!

  5. Shelley Fitzwater

    Love it! FYI The website is well designed, but with the neon green surround, the grey text is difficult to read.