Board Members

and YOU!

Meet the Team:

Lance Turner

Scott Tess

Volunteer Coordinator:

Karie Brown

Karie is a local business owner, the creator of KarieSue Creations (KSC.)  Karie moved to Orlando in 2006, and brings a rich background of experiences from all over the world.  Seed, Orlando’s Art Alliance is the brainchild of Karie.  In 2009, she brought local artist together to develop the do-gooder group which works to build an appreciation for art in the Orlando community by using art as a support for the community.  Today, among these these, she works as the volunteer coordinator.


Kalem Jones

Kalem is a 28 year old Marketing student from the University of Central Florida, and is currently in graduate school receiving an MBA with a finance concentration.  Kalem has worked in marketing for over ten years and currently acts as a free lance PR agent and marketing consultant for small to mid sized businesses.   He has a passion for business and improving companies from many different industries.  Kalem has a rich repertoire of  education and real world experience.  We are so glad to have him on our team.

The Origins of “OurLando”

The term “OurLando” was coined by Tanyia Hall who originally used it for a Simple Living Institute event. In her own words:

“I conceived it when I moved to Orlando in 2000 right after seeing a beautiful rainbow. Being a community builder, idealist and visionary, it was difficult justifying the move to Orlando; it didn’t have a reputation for community, or anything truly compelling that I could think of. However I definitely felt called there and as I drove into town, I received a divine feeling that destiny was indeed fulfilling itself. Literally, as I contemplated my move, “OurLando” came to me. Thinking of it as OurLando helped me connect and be at peace with my move. Somehow, even though I was alone at the time, I knew that the tribe was either there already or mobilizing.

“Having planned lots of events, I thought, hmmm, one day I might organize a concert here and name it OurLando. It turned out that Keith [her husband] and I coordinated two of Simple Living Institute’s benefit concerts. For the second one, I asked if we could give it a title and it seemed fitting that OurLando would be a good name.

“I still feel our connection to the place…so many of our dreams were realized there…Keith and I meeting at Stardust, forming our band Omiza River, helping build Simple Living Institute, getting married on a flower farm, giving birth to our first child, Sequoia Mountain, writing our first album… The list goes on…I love the place…the land, the rivers, the people, the spirit…” ~Tanyia “And what is hidden now, will one day be revealed.”