The Movement


The Ourlando movement is about the spirit of community and the enrichment this brings to it’s citizens through the support of a vibrant local living economy, it’s diverse culture and our pride of place.

Ourlando “locally made” is a local first campaign developed by the Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment (PLACE). Rather than simply promoting “buying” local, we are suggesting our larger role as stewards. By thinking local, we can make choices that have dramatic impact on our local communities, economies & environments.

The Ourlando movement encompasses far more than just our local indy businesses; it promotes and unites our diverse art, music, recreation, and health & wellness communities and, most importantly, engages our citizens with pride of place.

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Program Areas

    Seed, Orlando Art Alliance
    This alliance works to support the growth and artistic integrity of Central Florida Visual, Performing, and Craft artists by promoting involvement in artistic endeavors, by providing education and exposure for artists, and by identifying venues to display their work.

    Local Music Alliance
    The Local Music Alliance helps organize performance for community events and promote the enjoyment and support of local musicians.

    Audubon Park Community Market
    More Ourlando local goodness can be found at the the first all-local community market in the area every Monday night from 6-9pm at Stardust Video and Coffee.

    Ourlando Green Drinks
    Meet and mingle with other progressive and eco-minded folks. Every month there is a guest speaker focusing on 6 different themes.

    The Fair Trade Project
    This group promotes Fair Trade Certified as a consumer option and works to establish Fair Trade purchasing policies.

      3 responses to “The Movement

      1. Thank you for your time. The Center for Contemporary, Inc., 501(c)3, would love to schedule a few moments of your time in the near future to discuss a few cross-marketing ideas. Several of my clientele frequent your establishment and speak about you all with the highest regards. Your progressive thought processes and mission are not unlike ours. Future partnerships or collaborations would certainly benefit each organization and we would like to meet with you all to discuss the possibilities. We appreciate the greatness you inspire in our community and we look forward to walking together with you all in the same direction. ‘Til we connect, take care of you. Peace and Love always. your, Dario

      2. Hi from Melbourne Florida,

        We are a pet product company. I’m glad to see that the buy local movement is spreading to Orlando. It is very important movement for both people and the earth.

        I would like to tell you a little about our company. Our collars are hand sewn in Florida. We produce an Earth Friendly Bamboo Pet Product line that gives back to Green causes chosen by customers like you! Every time you purchase one of our full line of collars, leashes, harnesses, cat collars, t-shirts and dog tags you are helping us support green charities.

        We use bamboo in our products because:

        • Naturally Anti-bacterial & Odor Resistant for more than 50 washes = No more smelly collar!
        • Hypoallergenic, UV Protection and Natural undyed Webbing = Great for sensitive pets!
        • More Absorbent & Fast Drying than any other natural fabric on Earth = Swimmers Welcome!
        • Breathable and thermal regulating = Pet stays cooler in the hot summer!
        • 100% Biodegradable= Happy Earth!
        • Environmentally Friendly = No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers and nothing genetically modified. Truly the greenest fiber on earth!

        What are you passionate about? Each design gives back to an important green issue affecting our environment and our world today. Choose your favorite and help your dog save the Earth!

        Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.
        Feel free to contact me any time

        Sean Ryan

      3. I am very interested in learning more about the Ourlando concept! Please call me so we can meet very soon! My office is near the Dandelion, so anytime is great!