The Art Lover & Localvore Gift Item of the Year!!!!!

Hello Ourlando,
Calendar OurlandoFinally, a calendar for the local lovers in our lives! Don’t miss out on any of the good stuff going down in Central Florida. We are pleased to present the 2012 Ourlando Event Calendar, brought to life by the masterful sketches of Thomas Thorspecken who documents the Orlando culture & arts scenes on his website Analog Artist Digital World.

Analog Artist Digital World and Ourlando, Think Local First! bring you this full color, 9 x 12 calendar available in time for the holidays. Key local arts and culture events will be listed in this twelve month locally printed collector’s piece. This calendar is only available through pre-order and at select special events.

Support Local Culture in Ourlando! A portion of proceeds benefit a local organization of your choice on a sliding scale to fit every budget.  If you select Ourlando as a benefiting organization you will be funding our Local First Program in 2012.  Help us co-create an even better Ourlando

*Only available by pre-order or at select events.

Click here to order your 2012 Calendar.


It’s your choice! Pay the amount that works best for you. The higher the price, the more money that goes back to support the organization of your choice.

More partner organizations are added daily – collect them all by checking back frequently!

Patron of the Art Price: $25

  • Maximum benefit to your chosen organization
  • Includes an exclusive Thor 2012 print of one of his sketches, autographed by Thor!

Discounted Price: $18

  • Moderate benefit to your chosen organization
  • Autographed by Thor!

Students & Starving Artist Price: $12

  • Minimum Price Level

Click here to order your 2012 Calendar. 


Participating organizations include: Winter Park Harvest Festival, The Mennello Museum, Florida School of Holistic Living, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, Slow Food Orlando, Front Porch Radio, the Rotary Club of College Park and the Audubon Park Community Market.

Thank you for activating and supporting local culture!!!!


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Urban Sunshine Garden Class

Come out and learn about the differences in growing organically versus hydroponically.  On December 14th at 6pm the experts at Altamonte Springs Urban Sunshine are going to teach us just that.  Please join us! This will also be a great time to pick-up holiday gardening gifts for everyone you love!

1420 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701


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Sparkle Handmade Festival

Sparkle is back! Your new favorite Local & Handmade Holiday Market is well under way and taking place on December 11, 2011 from 11am- 6pm beside Dandelion Communitea and Florida School of Holistic Living’s Community Garden. There will be live music, local handmade artisans selling their creations, good food, a community art project, and more!

Join us in doing your Holiday Shopping in a sustainable way and keep the money in our local economy, support yourselves and each other, and have a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle while doing it!


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Industrial Tour of Amazon Hose Company

As you may have noticed we are celebrating everything local and independent for the holidays! Including our local industry that makes the things we do possible.
Amazon Hose and Rubber is a woman-owned local independent business in our community since 1919. They build hoses big enough for a fire truck and small enough for your home garden.  As well as tons of custom products.
This Tuesday the 6th we are going to join them for a tour of the facility.  It will start at 6:30 pm.
1625 W. Princeton Street
Orlando, Florida 32804
Come see how things are made!

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Friday, September 25 from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., the Audubon Park Garden District will host Zombietoberfest, a combination of a beer festival and zombie costume walk.

Be sure to drop into your awesome Ourlando businesses during the event, including Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux, Stardust Coffee and Video, and get there early so you can see one of Ourlando’s best jewelry and dress shops, Dear Prudence.

Oktoberfest Beer Garden Tickets: $10

Zombie Costume Contest: $5

Zombies Who Want to Hang Out With Fellow Zombies: Free

Drag your rotting carcass out for an evening filled with fun, music, beer and… zombies! Join us beginning at 6:30pm on Friday, September 25 in the heart of the Audubon Park Garden District for Zombietoberfest! You’ll enjoy live (or should we say undead?) music, a rocking beer garden with undead German beer maids, a zombie walk, zombie self-defense classes, and much more!

Feel free to dress up like a zombie, join other zombies and take over Corrine Drive and Winter Park Road, the heart of the district; make up artists will be available prior to the event to help you look your worst! There will be prizes for scariest zombie, cutest zombie and best zombie character. Plus, there will be really great brains–er, beer.

REDLIGHT REDLIGHT will be here to lift your spirits (dead or alive) with their special spirits, pouring Coney Island Freaktoberfest dyed BLOOD RED for the occasion; immediately after Zombietoberfest, they’ll be hosting a screening of “WILD ZERO,”a Japanese zombie horror comedy cult classic staring garage punk band Guitar Wolf, complete with a follow-along drinking game! Continue reading

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Sustainable Moving with BungoBox

By: Natalie Costa of

Most things have an expiration date, and cardboard is no exception. Americans have a habit of maximizing the utility of things and Cofounder of BungoBox Tom Cannon did just that. BungoBox rents reusable plastic moving boxes operating on the foundation of cost efficiency and local sustainability.

Started in 2009 and based in Florida, BungoBox is an environmentally sound alternative to its cardboard counterpart. According to Cannon, it was all about “pricing strategically against the competitor,” and according to their site, using BungoBox can save approximately 50 percent in costs for consumers over a two-week period. This number is achieved after factoring in the cost of, let’s say, using a U-Haul service and buying the materials to package and ship.

The boxes can last up to 400 uses which is the equivalent of saving 300 gallons of water or 40 gallons of gas.

This is great news for the central Florida community. By repurposing the plastic boxes, moving is not only more convenient and cost-effective, but it is localized.

Cannon explains, “Because it’s a franchise model, we grow in concentric circles. At first, we wanted our franchises to be within driving distance so we developed Florida first and then the southeast. As part of our growth strategy, we used the concentric circles to better support new locations from the center.”

Aware of the advantages of mobile optimization, Cannon says consumers can expect a mobile app for BungoBox in the immediate future. Right now the cofounder says, “we expect to have 100 locations in five years [and] we’re currently opening a location a month.” He concludes, “We plan on continuing our strategic growth initiative.”

For pricing of BungoBoxes, see below:

Photo Courtesy of

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Eco Friendly Dentistry

By: Natalie Costa,
Orlando Dental and Implant Studio, located in Orlando, FL, is proving that dental offices can be eco-friendly, too. From the construction of the office to the delivery of their information, Dr. Cuprill and his staff are relying on local labor first.

According to their site, when constructing the office, the dental office enlisted Evergreen Construction Management, a LEED certified and local general contracting firm. Dr. Cuprill says this decision was easy. He says, “We looked at multiple different General Contractor firms, and took bids on all of them.  All firms were local, as I found it to be irresponsible to hire somebody that would be traveling from far for the job (not good for the carbon footprint).  I settled on Evergreen Construction Management because I felt that they best understood my vision for a green construction (given they were LEED certified and local) that would impact as little as possible while being done, and would continue to be efficient and green after we took delivery.”

Beyond this, Orlando Dental and Implant Studio is pursuing certification as a green practice through the Eco Dentistry Association (EDA). Dr. Cuprill explains that the association shares a vision of eco friendly dentist practices that minimize the impact of the dental profession on the planet. In addition, the Green Doc program offers the opportunity for both patients and dentists to become certified in “green” dental practice. If interested, you can read more here.

Arguably, dentist offices have not been the targets of environmental agencies, so what can they do to minimize their eco footprint? At Orlando Dental and Implant Studio, Dr. Cuprill does not utilize paper charts and has recently purchased digital signature pads. Patients sign in on a laptop when coming in to the office for an appointment and all patient payment receipts and treatment estimates are sent by email.

However, Dr. Cuprill admits, “There is still a very small percentage of paper that is needed as we still get some reports from specialists in the mail, along with insurance documents and documents we may to print out in the office.  If I had to estimate our impact on paper usage versus a traditional non-digital dental practice, we are probably lowering our paper usage by about 80-85 percent.”

Even so, printed documents are printed with soy-based products. This includes business cards, stationary and marketing products; Aloma Printing in Winter Park, FL performs all of their printing needs.

For work done outside of the office, such as lab work, Dr. Cuprill keeps it local, too. He says, “The laboratories that I employ are RC Dental Lab (Fixed prosthesis) and C&C Dental Lab (Removable prosthesis) that are local Orlando businesses that have been around for 20+ years and have all work done on the premises.  This is important because many labs have started outsourcing their cases to Asia or Latin America to cut costs, stating that all work is done with FDA approved materials, but that is hard to police and is up to a labs ethics.” He continues, “It also makes me very proud to be able to support local businesses that are putting out high quality products and services that are all made here in town, adding to the local economy.  I can’t vouch for their green practices, but I know that with RC, we recycle most of our shipping materials and the little plastic boxes where our crowns are shipped (fully sterilized by the lab).”

Environmentally friendly dental practice is certainly in its infancy, but Dr. Cuprill is making great strides to ensure that it is a sustainable business practice by starting local. By cultivating the local economy, Orlando Dental and Implant Studio embodies Ourlando’s Think Local First movement. Their mantra, “Eco-friendly dentistry…simply done,” emphasizes the importance of green practice to Dr. Cuprill and his family. For more information on the office and their eco-friendly practices, check out their website ( and Dr. Cuprill’s Blog (

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