Local Music Alliance

Local Music Alliance
Local Music is something we all enjoy and supporting local bands is easy to do. Yet, local musicians struggle to get networked, promoted and supported and often trying to get signed is a difficult task. The Music Alliance is helping to network local bands and developing educational tools to help them with the business and promotional skills they will need to be successful.

The Local Music Alliance also helps organize performances for events such as Central Florida Earth Day and VegFest.  Email getinvolved@ourlando.com to participate.

3 responses to “Local Music Alliance

  1. My daughter is an eleven year old music prodigy that plays in three orchestras, the Tuesday Night Band [TNB] at the Orlando UU as well as trios, quartets, and ensembles when she has the opportunity. She recently played and spoke at the Orlando Kiwanis which resulted in them donating $1,000 to the AGFM A Gift For Music program here in Central Florida.

    I have recently begun helping the TNB promote their music as well as continuing to manage my daughter’s schedule. I would love to learn more and be more productive for them both. Thanks!

    also http://www.autumnrainsymphony.blogspot.com

  2. Stephen Clark

    I’d like to join your alliance.

  3. How’d the first meeting for the Music Alliance go?


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