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Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

Is it possible to have healthy food without healthy community?

Join Charles Eisenstein, visionary speaker and author of Sacred Economics, The Ascent of Humanity, and The Yoga of Eating, for an evening discussing the links between the food we eat, our happiness and health, the music we make, and the myriad crises afflicting our civilization.

Friday, January 20th at 7pm at the Timucua White House RSVP Here

Hear him encompass all of that within a much larger, more beautiful picture of what this moment in humanity’s journey actually is–a vision so new, fresh, and deep, it gives real hope for humanity and makes evident profound things we can do, personally and as a community, to bring about a world that works for everyone.

About Charles Eisenstein:

Charles is an author, speaker, and teacher of the healing arts at Goddard College. He offers all of his work in the spirit of the gift, and this evening will be no exception. He is coming to Florida at his own expense, in order to share his vision with us. We ask that if you feel grateful for his work, in addition to bringing some food to share with the audience, you bring something to give Charles based on your sense of gratitude, propriety and value.

“I consider Charles Eisenstein one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time. Rarely have I met a person who combines such philosophical and spiritual depth with such practical insights into the cultural and institutional origins of the potentially terminal dysfunctions of modern society—and the potential solutions.”
—David Korten, author of The Great Turning

His personal website: http://charleseisenstein.net/

Sacred Economics online: http://www.realitysandwich.com/homepage_sacred_economics

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